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Lisbon / Estoril Tourism Guide - Lisbon Football Stadiums

Two of Portugal's mammoth super football stadiums are in Lisbon - Estadio Jose Alvalade, home to big team Sporting Clube de Portugal and Estadio da Luz, home to legendary Portugal soccer team SL Benfica. Both of these Lisbon soccer stadiums are north of Lisbon city centre, and both have capacity seating over 60,000. It's easiest to get to them via nearby Lisbon Metro links.

Smaller Football Stadiums in Lisbon are to the west of the city centre. Estadio Nacional is home to National Portuguese football, whilst Estadio do Restelo is home to footbal team CF Belenenses. Both these have capacity seating around 30,000 which is still pretty big. Reach them via road links, or Lisbon mainline rail links.

Estadio Jose Alvalade - Sporting Clube de Portugal, Lisbon Super Stadium

The mammoth Estadio Jose Alvalade Stadium in Lisbon is to the North of the city centre, just 4km to the west of Lisbon Airport. It's a swish football stadium this one, purpose built for the European Championships hosted by Portugal in 2004. Estadio Jose Alvalade has a capacity seating of 52,000 and the official football club here is Sporting Clube de Portugal otherwise known as Sporting Lisbon. Sporting Lisbon is Lisbon's premier team - they've been outperforming nearest rivals Benfica at one of Lisbon's other stadiums Luz in recent times. (see Sporting Clube de Portugal stadium weblink right for details).

This Lisbon Football Stadium is one of the most accessible, and if you're coming for a game here and all your interested in is the football, you'd do best to base yourself in North Lisbon near the airport. Alternatively, situate yourself near any Lisbon Metro station, and you've easy access to Estadio Jose Alvalade as the stadium has its own Lisbon Metro link called Campo Grande on the Caravela (green) line and on the Girassol (yellow) line. Campo Grande Lisbon Metro Station is within easy walking distance from the football stadium.

Check the Iknow Holidays Lisbon accommodation on this website. If you want to do some Lisbon sightseeing as well as seeing the game, look to any of the North Lisbon city centre accommodation, particularly around Areeiro, Olaias and the Alto Do Pina area of Lisbon. This North Lisbon area offers easy access to Metro links both upto the stadium, and down to Lisbon city centre. By car you've also easy access to Alvalade Stadium off the Segunda Circular ring road and from Calcada de Carriche, but travelling in by the Lisbon Metro is the best option and less stressful. If you can avoid driving either in or around Lisbon then the advice is don't drive it.

Estadio Jose Alvalade, Rua Professor Fernando da Fonseca, 1600-616 Lisboa. Tel: 21 751 60 00. (weblink right - there should be an English version shortly).

Estadio da Luz - SL Benfica Football Stadium, Lisbon - Super Stadium

The Estadio da Luz (Stadium of Light) is a legendary soccer stadium not just within Portugal, but also within Europe. It's home to one of Portugal's most famous football teams - SL Benfica and has a mammoth capacity seating of 65,000. This stadium took centre state in the Euro 2004 football championships.

Benfica, alongside Porto, has dominated Portuguese football up until recent times, and financial troubles. It's still up there with the best in world class football however. Estadio da Luz is also situated in the northern area of Lisbon.

Nearest Lisbon Metro links are Alto dos Moinhos or Colegio Militar/Luz, both of which are situated on the Gaivota Blue line. It's an easy walk to the Luz Stadium from both these Lisbon Metro links, and getting to the stadium via the metro is the easiest and best way to travel! Alternatively by car get to the stadium via the Segunda Circular ring road which is connected to the national motorway system.

Estadio da Luz (SL Benfica Stadium), Avenida General Norton de Matos, 1500 Lisboa, Apartado No 4100-1501, 805 Lisboa Codex. Tel: 21 721 95 00/21 726 61 29. (See SL Benfica/Luz Stadium weblink right for more info).

Other Smaller Lisbon Football Stadiums

Around Lisbon there's a selection of smaller football stadiums. Including the Estadio Nacional known also as Estadio do Jamor which is the home of Portuguese National Football. This stadium has a capacity seaing of 37,600 and sits to the west of Lisbon city centre in the Oeiras district. (mainline rail link is Oeiras on the Cascais link accessible via Lisbon Metro link Cais Do Sodre).

Estadio do Restelo is also to the west of Lisbon city centre and has a capacity seating of 32,500. This stadium is home to CF Belenenses (weblink right), another Lisbon football team. It's an old club this and the stadium dates back to 1919.

Estadio Nacional, Complexo Desportivo do Jamor, Praca da Maratona, 1495 Cruz Quebrada, Lisbon, Portugal. Tel: 419 7241. Easily reached by car off the IC 17 Estoril main road, or even easier reach it by heading by Lisbon Metro to Cais Do Dosre, then hooking into Lisbon's Mainline Rail network and hop onto the Cascais Railway line and get out at Oeiras. That's the best way to get there if you're staying in Lisbon city centre.

Estadio do Restelo, Avenida do Restelo, Complexo Desportivo do Belenenses, 1449-015 Lisboa. (weblink right). Easily reached by road off the IC15, then down Avda das Descobertias which bends round into Avenida do Restelo. Alternatively hop off at Ajuda or Belem on the mainline Lisbon Railway and walk to it.

Photos of Lisbon Football Stadiums

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